You really haven't?? I've actually had to tell two posters that I know of to STOP IT! Newbies will post ONE post and they're replying "your M will never work, dump the WS."

I have had to ask a certain poster more than a few times to knock this off too...as well as her beating up very distraught newly BW's who are so in the trenches they can't tell which way is up.

THIS really, really bothers me because her "advice" is completely anti-MB and I know from personal experience that a M can be saved even when it looks like the odds are completely against recovery.

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Me,BW - 42; FWH-46
4 kids
D-Day #s1 and 2~May 2006
D-Day #3~Feb.27, 2007 (we'd been in a FR)
Plan B~ March 3 ~ April 6, 2007

In Recovery and things are improving every day. MB rocks. smile