Hi Gerka,

You sound well. I am glad. Of course, women will be interested in you. Thirty or so years ago, I briefly dated a man I met at work in the Army. His first wife betrayed him, got pregnant from his former best friend, and they divorced. He was still hurting pretty badly when we met. A couple of years later, he married someone, had two sons, a successful military career, and a rewarding second career after he retired. I saw him at a meeting 3 or 4 years ago, and he commented on what a good life he has had. Even though he had been profoundly hurt, this man was not damaged goods. Neither are you. Knowing about MB, you will be so much smarter than before. I really wish I learned MB methods before being married 25 years and in a crisis.

Please, please give your parents a frequent shout out. Even if you don't want to talk about the divorce or deployment, let them know you are doing ok. I hope you will see them soon.

Best wishes if you travel down the road and don't stop back at this place again. I know you have a wonderful life ahead of you.


BW - 70
WH - 65
M - 35 years
D-day - 17 Apr 08
H broke contact 11/1/09
Back in love after the worst thing that every happened to us.