HH it IS hard. But it will be for the best.

You need to go NC to clear your head. Because of the attraction, if you see each other in any capacity you will want to rationalize how staying together isn't THAT bad.

All the compatibility you THINK you have is superficial.

Liking the same stuff, having the same hobbies, even having similar desires for the future is MEANINGLESS when there is a fundamental incompatibility.

Her lying and double life is a HUGE incompatibility.

Yes she can fix that, yes she can be better.

But she has to do it WITHOUT your, or else her recovery isn't based on her own actions, but rather, your approval. Thats a very unhealthy foundation for any relationship.

Listen to yourself. You are torn because you KNOW you shouldn't trust her but you WANT to trust her. The conflict will tear you up. Eventually you will come to hate her for it.

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