Hi, I am learning to be more positive about things and appreciate things and be grateful for what I have. Already I am enjoying everything about life more....I would like to practice my new attitude on your post here since it sounds quite negative.

Well, still married. lol.

Not too negative but a little, little sharp joke.

New Orleans was NOT what I expected...I don't know if it was the filth, bums, and unbelievable expense (really? $9 for a 2-liter soda and a 16oz bottle of water? No wonder there's so much poverty there)

Positive translation:

I enjoyed the trip to New Orleans with my husband mostly because he asked me to go with him.

or the way my H was a complete a-hole while we were there. He said that *I* put us in that position of being there.

Positive twist:

I liked being around my husband and spending time with him that we do not usually have available at home.

He deludes himself much. I did correct him. (He: You're the one who wanted to come here! Me: Wait a dang minute. I never said I wanted to come here. I said I wanted you to get a job with no travel. Don't you dare blame me for the situations YOU put us in.)

Positive spin:

There is no way to make this positive unless you did not correct him at all. This is too negative to change, you would have to change your personality and your deep negative attitudes, in order to change this statement since it is clear you treat your husband badly and are PROUD of it.

It wasn't a total loss; we did see the St. Louis Cathedral, and the French Market, and all of Canal Street, and hit Harrah's.

Positive spin: This is quite positive, no need to change.

Spent about ten minutes on Bourbon Street and ran! Ick. I feel like I need penicillin just for being there.

Positive translation:

Spent about ten minutes on Bourbon Street to see the old buildings, bars, and farmer's market.

Personally, I'm doing great. I don't know if I mentioned it before, but I got the position of asst editor for my school's literary magazine, and last week I was invited into the honors program. So school is awesome. It is my element.

Positive spin not needed for this statement. It is OK on its own. If only you could love your husband this much, speak well of him, respect him and treat him well. I hope someday you can and will do that.