Hang in there ned. Lots of prayers for you, such a shocking and brutal time.

We did discuss the kid thing last night--he, of course, just like your H, denied ever having said it. It was a good conversation otherwise. He said he knew he's said a lot of awful things over the years, but he doesn't remember saying that or feeling it. I told him I wished I had his memory of it, cause mine stinks and makes him look like a jerk, and me like a fool. smile

SW--I was too irritable and ready to lash out. He's not the intentional turd he was, but he still isn't...well, here comes a big DJ: he lacks competence in the relational department. Sex is good, he's a great financial supporter, if he wasn't OCD he'd be an awesome Domestic supporter, but there's more to life than sex, money, and spiffy cribs.

I'm cranky right now, so I'll stop...I'm in finals at school, and am disputing a grade. I had five graded assignments in this class and scored a 93, 94, 92, 94, and 94, and my prof gave me a B. wth? He lacks competence, too??? lol. I'm hoping it's just a mix-up and he recorded it wrong on my transcript. I sent him a very nice email even though I wanted to say wth can't you add???

Lord grant me patience today!

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)