TC, I totally get CWMI and the women that want more time with their husbands. I've said on numerous occassions to my wife, "I'm sorry I don't make more money." To which she replies, "I'd rather have you home than have you make more money."

To my wife and wives like CWMI, family time is more important than a few more bucks in the account.

I know I shouldn't apologize to my wife. I make a decent salary; I'm a school teacher with coaching stipends. But it sure would be nice to be able to buy her nice jewelery, run off on vactaions, have 10K sitting in the bank just in case, and so she wouldn't have to work until all the kids are in school fulltime.

But her top needs are FC and even if I was making a million a year, I'd be working really long hours and she wouldn't be happy.

Sory for going off topic for a bit CWMI.

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