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and I said, "WTF are you doing opening my Christmas present???"


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I need to feel something other than hatred. I need to feel nothing. God will not grant me that. smile

Yes you do.

I would like more than one-word responses. S'planation, por favor?

Well, easy enough for me to just say, 'stop that.' Ha!

I can't quite figure out the relationship you two have. In one post you detailed an evening with your husband where a stranger thought you two didn't seem 'married'. What was the stranger's actual (although done in poor tasted to suggest you were having an affair) intent? Was he saying you and your dh seemed into each other? In love? That is a compliment, right?

And if that is what the stranger was picking up from you two...I feel intimacy between you and your dh....conflict too...constant nearly...but definitely intimacy.

Trust me---you do not want to 'feel nothing.'

However, you can choose to stop feeling hatred for him. That is yours to own.

Is it just possible that you are not going to get what you want from your dh? If so, will you divorce him? I can't fathom divorcing a man over working too much. Perhaps he will let that working too much devolve into something else, a slippery slope that ends in an affair....but perhaps not. Perhaps if you can see him as he is as a flawed man who loves you and loves his children....but still as he is.

Could you let go of the hatred then?