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Is that how you really feel about your marriage? Because I don't see your marriage that way.....maybe it really is...but I don't read that in your posts. If my XH ONLY worked a lot...had ONLY disconnected from us like he did....but been kind to me...I would not have divorced him.

You haven't read the posts. Is it kindness to tell your wife that you only said you wanted kids because you thought you couldn't have them? Is it kind to manipulate agreements by leaving out important pieces of information? How about moving out in the middle of the night while your family is sleeping, or going out of town for days and refusing to answer the phone, coming home drunk? How about screaming over chairs 'off the mark', or in your face about telemarketers ("I AM A NICE PERSON!!!!" he screamed in my face after refusing to tell a telemarketer--for me, she kept hanging up on me when I said it--to take our number off their list)? Is it kind to repeatedly lie to your spouse? Allow your parents to say cruel things to them? Tell people who are complimenting your wife that you disagree with them? Is that kind? How about going in early and staying late at work for an entire week while your wife is sick with the flu, can't get out of bed, and the kids are out of school? Then calling and asking what's for dinner and coming in and complaining about the mess?

I've put up with a LOT of BS. I'm not here trying to change anything because he is so very kind to me...

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)