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I'm not a crazed clean freak, kt.

So, no. My house is STILL cleaner than anyone else's I've been to save the OCDs (who are the stay-home parent) or childless couple. WAY cleaner than a single person's home. Including my H's, when he was single.

Oh. Well, maybe it's just traditional for me then to do it this way. And if I/we don't do this on a daily basis with having so many young children, the house looks dirty and cluttered. All the shoe scuffs on teh tile, kids getting food on the carpet even though we don't eat outside of the kitchen. I do know that during teh summer when I'm not working, the cleaning can take a good 2-3 hours. Of course it's 20 min here and 20 min there. Thankfully the 8 year old is big enough to take out the bathroom trashes and the 4 year old can pick up her own room now.

Husband (me) 39
Wife 36
Daughter 21
Daughter 19
Son 14
Daughter 10
Son 8 (autistic)