Your not a martyr, by any stretch of the imagination, you don't even have the psychological definition of having the martyr complex. You prefer self-inflicted abuse.

You like being miserable, it's what defines you, it's where you feel most comfortable. And no amount of ECT, or words from anyone here is going to change that.

You've been posting here for over 10 years (this thread alone has been going on for TWO YEARS), and NOTHING has changed. you still complain about the same things, and yet refuse to change your life, or anything in it..

You like complaining about your life, because it gives you attention, but I imagine, you don't complain about your life to those you work with..only strangers on a message board.

I notice the wife, has been losing some weight and has even gotten a job, looks like She is making some progress (in areas you have complained about for years) good for her!!

Maybe as she continues to grow in ways your refusing to, she will do just what you want her to do--what you've always wanted her to do..and that is LEAVE YOU!! Then you can complain some more about "oh poor me, my wife left me"..

It's what you want because it's what you think you deserve..and who knows maybe you do deserve that, especially after all the years of whining she's not doing just what you want when you want and how you want..

Your 40+ years old, it's time to grow up..and stop whining..

we know you hate your job, we know you only became a lawyer because everyone else wanted that for you, and you couldn't tell them it's not what you wanted for YOU!!

You love the self loathing--it's where your wouldn't know what do without having THAT...

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Simul Justus Et Peccator
“Righteous and at the same time a sinner.”
(Martin Luther)