Hold has said himself that he does not know if the forum is a help or a crutch.

If the forum is giving him too much sympathy and enabling him to stay in his position, I think it better for the posters to change their direction, rather than the idea of banning Hold from this forum in the assumption that this is somehow going to transform him.

To remove the forum would remove some sympathy but also deny him the cutting posts from TR.

Not being here 10 years ago I flicked back to Holds early posts and there it is:

And that is here it plays into my resentment from my youth. If she is going to make me do this the hard way, then why should she get the benefit from my making myself more self-confident? I resent her for making this hard on me. She is my wife. She is supposed to make my life easier. My work on myself would be easier if she would accomodate my needs.
So the issue remains the same.
It seems simple, but to go from a state of resentment due to shattered confidence, to a state of being self confident, presents like a chasm that can not be crossed.

It is apparent that most people when entering marriage do not have the skill sets needed to deal with the issues that they will later face. That is why MB exists.
Hold may need a rhema that flicks a switch and thereby makes such I giant leap, into the small step it can be. Maybe it comes from the forum, or somewhere least expected.

Hold without a rhema, there still seems to be enough in the previous 6-7 months, for you to be able to reflect on when things were going well and also the things you did that caused derailment. That would head you in the right direction.