Yes, ML, you are correct. I have not been seeking resolution. I have been seeking to maintain the status quo. I wanted to stay married to Mrs. Hold and live with my kids while they were minors. I have done that. Now that the kids are getting ready to leave home, my anxiety level is increasing. Hopefully that will motivate me to change in a positive direction.

And it is a presumptuous DJ on your part to say those of us who have chosen not to implement MB do not know or understand it. Some of us know and understand it quite well. We simply have decided not to implement it. That might mean we are foolish. But it doesn't necessarily imply we are ignorant.

Which tends to explain why the long time no progress people are here at ENs / 101. Infidelity tends to render the status quo intolerable. So it makes sense that people in GQII and SAA are seeking resolution one way or the other. Those of us who are "merely" being neglected (or neglecting our spouses) are much more likely to be willing to tolerate the status quo.

When you can see it coming, duck!