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And it is a presumptuous DJ on your part to say those of us who have chosen not to implement MB do not know or understand it. Some of us know and understand it quite well. We simply have decided not to implement it. That might mean we are foolish. But it doesn't necessarily imply we are ignorant.

hold, I understand that your situation is different in that you a) understand Marriage Builders and b) have rejected its implementation. That is not the case with most long time posters here. How can one know about Marriage Builders when they come here for years on end and discuss specific conflicts and every dog and cat book/program under the sun OTHER THAN Marriage Builders? How would they even know about Marriage Builders since it is not mentioned in the most widely recommended book for the past few years, Dances with Anger?

The Marriage Builders books and services are widely recommended on other forums and have been for YEARS, but look at how I am treated on this forum when I recommend a MB book? I have been accused of trying to "sell books" and all manner of nefarious motives for simply recommending the BOOK that explains this program. crazy How bizarre is that? I never saw board members accused of the same nefarious motives when they regularly recommended Dances with Anger.. crazy But, Lord help them when someone recommends a Marriage Builders book!!

The reason there is no progress on this board is real simple: very few folks here use Marriage Builders. They come here and talk about everything BUT Marriage Builders. It can't work if you don't work it obviously. Making endless posts about specific conflicts is the favored practice around here and it is a distraction from using the program.

As far as it being a "DJ" to state that truth, I would point out that I am not married to you and it is not my goal to establish a love bank with you. I like ya, but I don't love ya, hold! grin

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