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he knows he is fully capable of providing the life style--

This is the only part of your quote I disagree with. I know no such thing. I was failing at work before I met Mrs. Hold. I can remember the department head where I worked years ago (before I married Mrs. Hold) saying "You are not cutting it. Decide whether this is what you want to do with your life. If not, quit. If you stay, you need to improve your game. You are on the bubble for being fired. Get off the bubble one way or the other."

Yes, I made junior partner at a firm in Chicago. But my uncle was a large client, and my uncle's golfing buddy was another big client. Did I REALLY make partner, or did they make me partner to keep my uncle and his buddy happy? Not sure I want to know.

So no, I do not know I am fully capable of providing the lifestyle Mrs. Hold wants. Otherwise, everything you said is spot on.

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