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ML.. I agree in part with what you have said and I as much told her that I was being an IB'er. I do recognize that but in the meantime I still need to address the problem at hand.

If I had the luxury of putting off the tough stuff then I would, unfortunately reality gets in the way of luxury and I am faced with the impending decision as to what to do with or how to handle the decision regarding my career.

And of course you realize that you should not take the job unless she enthusiastically agrees, right? This is not just about your "dreams" anymore. If taking that job will make her unhappy, you shouldn't take it because it would be her nightmare.

I will also tell you that taking the job will probably kill your marriage anyway, because of the travel. You won't be able to restore the love in your marriage if you aren't home every night. This could be the nail in the coffin of your marriage. Travel is very hard on GREAT marriages. I doubt yours would survive.

As far as the vehicle, you need to brainstorm until you find a vehicle that suits both your needs. If price is the issue for her, then find a price range that makes you BOTH happy and work from there. As Harley says, "brainstorm with abandon." As a person with indepdendent behavior, we tend to think in black and white. You just need to keep an open mind and consider other options that will benefit your marriage, not harm it.

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