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A year from now I'd like to have love in my marriage, in fact well before a year. I hate starting over each time more than you know.
Then change your outlook.
Start changing YOU.
Let your wife work on herself.
Stop getting hung up on each LB she does to you -- send her a respectful LB form at the end of each week with the mindset that you are helping her take care of you (NOT with the mindset of pointing out her faults and demanding she change). Dwelling on the painful mistakes your wife has made will not get you there.
Remember that she wants to care for you.
Encourage your wife to do the same so that you can learn how to care for her.
Learn from each other.
Fill each others' Love Banks.
Enjoy the journey. (Steve Harley told me this one at the beginning of the year last year -- I didn't listen)

Please do not make the same mistakes Markos and I did. Stop fighting over what each other is supposed to do and start helping each other. You are not each others' enemy. Stop acting like it.

Yep I'm aware of all of this as is she, it is the discipline part that sneaks in there at times. I consciously try to make decisions and take an extra minute to think before I do things. I find myself biting my tongue quite a bit more than I used to and I'm sure she does the same. We recovered yesterday very quickly and had a nice night.

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