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Hill, did you ever enumerate the ways in which your need for affection could be met on the ENQ?

Yes apparently not specific enough for my wife so I'm doing a new one specific with actual acts of affection and times of day thanks.


I'm taking a break, it is best for my wife and I. We tend to do better when I spend time in the workbook and not here. My wife told me she's never seen me this way until I began my journey here and that needs to change. I've received some great advice here from all of you actually so don't see me as a lost cause, I just think the format of a forum for some reason isn't conducive to making me chill out and do better. I hope to work on that, but for now I get feel insulted, bullied, and want to strike back. The best three days my wife had I didn't spend much time on here at all. I intend to try just that again and see if we can minimize the outside suggestions and perspectives. Thanks again for everything, maybe I'll check back next week!


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