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I think your family needs outside intervention, too. The hostility and strife is tough especially on the kids.

Is hilltopper having angry outbursts? If so, he might need anger management classes. My H was referred to anger management classes for angry outbursts. If it's just hostility and strife, of course they don't need outside intervention because Marriage Builders takes care of that. That is what the program resolves. I have not seen anything that told me that anger management was warranted, did I miss something?

If AM classes are needed, I would check with Markos, since he went to one while under the tutelage of Dr Harley.

I'm not opposed to any of this. What do you think about the fact that I only get angry or upset or whiny about our relationship? I don't care about heads of lettuce or small [censored], the only thing I care about is that I feel my wife loves me. I go about it wrong, there is no doubt, but this is all I want.

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