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The LB's don't help of course but this is not her sole reason for not wanting to meet my EN's.

When you try to tell us what her reasons are and tell us what she is thinking, that's a disrespectful judgment.

Everytime things go wrong, your are reaching for disrespectful judgments.

If I asked you to go through your last ten posts and identify the DJs for us, I'll bet you could find ten, but I'll bet I could find a hundred!!!

The biggest problem evident in your marriage is these DJs. Do you believe it's okay to tolerate some DJs, or do you believe they should not be tolerated at all?

I have a problem of not just accepting what people do. I always want to know why and what for. Its like, "you kissed me, but why?" type of stuff. I always want to know why. I do the same thing with my partner at work. If he has an issue why I did something I want to know why he has an issue.

My DJ's are OOC. An addiction of sorts I suppose.

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