Not a good night. We are scheduling with Steve Harley today, already sent requested dates in. The truth is from the moment someone suggested that I "get snooping" on my wife my security in this relationship went from 100% to 0% within the blink of an eye. Its not the forums fault or any particular persons, but I have interpreted that information and used it to create images in my head, and read into things that probably aren't even there. It just all added up, no more sex, not much of an interest in me, not replying to my emails about marriage, not replying to texts, stats on 50% of all marriages having A's, comments to me about how I might really have something to worry about in the A department. I honestly feel that my priority in her life comes between her plants and shopping on the internet. I don't even think affection is my top EN to be honest, I don't know what is. For now I seek things that make me feel better about the possibility of an A, and my wife and I agreed that if I can't get past these images and thoughts in my head we're not gonna progress anywhere. I was honest with my wife last night and she let down the thunder and was so hurtful this time. No need to get into all the details again, but lets just say she finished off the middle of the night conversation with a "You're ruining our lives, our marriage, and our kids." She called me psycho 20 times, disgusting another 10 times, among other things. She asked me if I was on drugs(no 100% no way on that.) She asked me questions, then we I began to answer them, she cut me off and yelled over me. I know what my wife is feeling to a degree and I don't blame her for being so frustrated with me. Maybe Steve H can walk me through some of this so that I can gain some confidence back in this marriage and react accordingly. I have not been able to control my feelings for anything longer than a day or two and so we always end up here. I think the soonest appt was tomorrow morning so we are aiming for this. My wife keeps talking about an "intervention" from my Dad? She says she can't go through this and that she wants to tell someone that we both know to maybe talk some sense into me? Not really sure, she said she is gonna do what she wants to do on this subject whether or not I agree. I'm focusing on remaining calm.

Married 15 years
12 y/o DD
10 y/o DS
6 y/o DD