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I can get a 930 CST tomorrow with Steve but no word from my wife. I was thinking about talking to Steve on my own to work through my own issues, is anyone opposed to this?

I think you talking to Steve on your own would be great. Be honest with him about your issues. Be brutally honest. Reveal to him your selfish demands, disrespectful judgments, and angry outbursts. I suggest you talk to him about the love busters YOU have done and only then talk to him about your wife.

That said, if your wife can talk with Steve, too, that would be very helpful.

Prisca and I got to meet Steve in person last year at the very last Marriage Builders weekend. He is the most respectful man I have ever known, and after a year of trying to figure out what disrespectful judgments are, I know that that is a real accomplishment! Dr. Harley has said of his son Steve that he is "respectful, almost to a fault," and it shows.

Steve is also a great motivator, and a great explainer of this program. smile

Sounds like a guy that I can learn a lot from, thanks.

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