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I would feel like the biggest piece of you-know-what if something I said to someone else made my H weep. Good thing, he has no feelings. lol.

Or you might feel relieved, or sane. Or you might be ticked, cause it would be another lie on the pile, KWIM?

This makes no sense to me. Would you elaborate?

To use your wording here, if he showed some semblance of emotion, you might feel a little less like you married a "sociopath."

Or, it could be quite infuriating that the man has been purposely hiding any and all feeling from you.

The "stone face" isn't pleasant to live with, and I only dealt with it for 2 weeks.

Thank you. I understand that! I'm game for all-out. I'm already furious, I can deal with infuriating stuff since I learned to control my AOs. I'm game for growth. Bring it! laugh

It wouldn't be like it was the first time he deceived me. I would be relieved, actually, if he owned an emotion, and if he would admit to any ownership of my feelings or experience? Elation is what I would feel. Even if it was "Hell yeah I wanted to hurt you, I wanted to drag your soul into hell." I would feel relief and elation that he owned anything at all.

That's so sad!

Immagonna own something right now...already owned it to H...after he told me about the cancellation of our anniversary, I didn't want to talk to him. He's rang the phones (both cell and home) a dozen times, leaving nasty messages about me not answering. That's terrible of me. I don't like it when it's done to me, I shouldn't do it. I hung up on him when he started yelling at me about how he hadn't lied about planning the weekend, he *assumed* (see first post in this thread for full explanation of why I don't buy that), I was so mad that I just stopped and was done with it. I eventually returned his calls and told him that I couldn't talk to him. So, that's me, that's what I did. I don't see anything positive coming out of this unless he will admit that he misled me to believe that the weekend was secure and that we already had plans for it.

He thinks it's okay to lead someone to believe something, and then change it. The weekend it is changed to is the weekend before my maymester finals. He told me back in February that he needed to pick a weekend to have off before June, but he'd convinced his boss to give him the first weekend IN June off for our anniversary. I would have chosen another weekend, earlier this year, had I been given the chance. I'm full out of good weekends, and he typically leaves me like this: with no good choices left. I hate that.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
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