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Markos, I've tried bringing him back to MB after our 6mos of coaching, but he thinks it's bunk and not of the 'real world'. The last time we did either Q was last year during coaching. He's not on board, thought it was manipulation.

Could you tell him, honestly, that continued participation in this program is a requirement for you?

Honestly? It would have to be the online program. And I'm not ready to divorce if he doesn't.

I must be sick in the head!!! No wonder he doesn't take me seriously. If i slip into D-land, I won't come back. If I separated, it would be permanent. I can't love someone and block them out. If I block someone out, it's permanent. I had one boyfriend that I got back together with, and never again! Gah, it's worse the second time around. When I'm done, I'll be done and there won't be any discussing it. I'm not *there*. That's my problem. I can't put him out until I'm fully done with him, and I can't get him to take me seriously unless I put him out. At which point I won't care if he wants to please me, because I will be thousands of miles away (at least emotionally).

Would I be terrible to tell you that you are absolutely nuts?

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