Meeting emotional needs is like learning to play a complicated musical instrument like a piano.

You may have learned how to play a scale.

She is still learning how to tune the instrument and can't sound a single note, yet.

From her point of view, you might as well be asking her to play a symphony.

You are not even a week out from your last fight. That's too soon to be expecting as much as you are expecting.

When you wish your wife would do something, and she does not, and you react this negatively -- you are making a demand.

And the way you are writing about it above is disrespectful.

These tools will not get you what you want.

Remember when it looked for a little while like things were looking up, a day or two back? Do you want to know what started that? It was your commitment to eliminate love busters. Now you are pulling them back out for use again. As long as you do that, don't expect much.

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