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Btw, my DH recently had a major "ah, stink" moment. Our anniversary is this month, but we decided to celebrate at a concert in June. DH and DD got a promo code discount for tix and this concert event is/was going to be a combo DD's 15th bday gift, DS' 1st bday gift, and our anni gift/ celebration. We purchased the tix several weeks ago.

Well, last week DH called me from work to tell me there is no PTO from the last week in May until the last week in June. I stayed calm with him over the phone, but had to get out the house for a good cry after relaying the message to DD. No PTO = no concert for my DH. They are all hands on deck during that PTO black-out.

Lo and behold, at the time when my DH had called me about the PTO situation, he didn't even remember the concert. He was just letting me know about no PTO. When he got home after work, and I wasn't home, he called my cell to see where I was. (I had told the kids I was going to pay some bills.) I said I was in a parking lot crying, and he said "Parking lot crying? That's weird! Btw, I'm home." I told him that I was sad about the change of plans for the concert and that I'd be home soon.

You know, my DH was thinking "Oh, crap, I forgot about the concert" when I told him in the tearful phone conversation from the parking lot. (He just let me know this as I'm writing to you.) Also, (he just admitted this to me as I inquired) my DH hadn't secured the PTO several weeks ago when he originally ordered the concert tix. (He says he was planning for putting in the PTO, but forgot.) So, here I've been thinking this past week that my DH's original call about the PTO was to let me know he wasn't able to attend the concert. When it was just him letting me know there was a company wide PTO black-out. Silly me. wink

He just said, "You're mad, aren't you?" My reply, "Nope. I'm not mad." And I'm not. I'm used to it. No need to kick a guy in the nuts when he's already feeling sheepish. But it does make me, as I write this, wonder how much I do assume in my convos with my DH and how often he allows me to believe whatever it is I'm assuming, even when he knows my assumption is incorrect or off.

I have to say, I can really relate to what you're going through at times, CWMI. Just thought I'd share my crazy anniversary situation with you.

I'm sure my own W could come up with stories like these.

It's not NPD, not Sociopathic... it's the fact that I live life by the seat of my pants.

W is a very detailed planner. She refers to herself as OCD.

Again, this comes down to two different types of people, two different types of planners.

If it comes down to it, you have to help each other even out without treading LB waters. This can be difficult - remind pleasantly.

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