Remember that point number one is to eliminate demands.

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Markos I hear you and am on board. What I keep asking and still don't have the answer for is the following. She told me to ask her fir affection so I did just that. Her answer was don't put expectations on me.

The answer is: just say "okay." Accept that right now she is not feeling enthusiastic.

You have a plan for pumping up her enthusiasm. It is called Marriage Builders.

Part of that plan is to not do anything that could be construed as a demand or a judgment. Don't do anything that she could construe as judgment of her lack of enthusiasm. Don't do anything that could be construed as demanding that your needs be met (such as pressuring her). If you do, you will prevent your plan from working.

Before she will be enthusiastic about meeting your needs, she will first need to see that you can calmly and patiently accept "no" for an answer.

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If your wife is not on board with MB, some of my posts to other men might help you.