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Hill, you sound like you're making great progress. My family has a habit of making witty, but very sarcastic remarks. Ultimately it's mean-spirited and hurts people's feelings. I've had to retrain myself out of that, perhaps its the same for you.

On the honey-do thing, it might help to respond immediately to the request with something like "yeah, I notice the x is broken. I need to get parts from the hardware store to fix it. Can this wait until the weekend (or whenever)?" Her response will give you a clue as to the urgency of the thing.

We have a whiteboard for grocery store requests, maybe the honeydo list could be something like that?

Yes I'm trying to retrain myself out of the world of sarcasm. I think there is a time and a place for sarcasm, but not really as a primary style of communication. As far as the list goes, if she agrees enthusiastically to placing time and dates on requests from each other is there any potential issues you see?

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