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-Meaningful hugs when I leave for work
What is "meaningful"? Don't leave any room for misunderstanding. What may be meaningful for her, may be nothing to you.

Sorry that is a little inside talk between me and Tgrace. A complaint of mine that has been around as long as I can remember was me hugging my wife and her dropping her arms to her side, not hugging me back. This isn't something new, been around as long as I can remember. I told her that I love hugs where she hugs me back with a squeeze which I termed "meaningful". She agreed and has done it several times sense, but it is a habit she'll have to work on developing.

Oh, hogwash dude.


How about "actual."

- ACTUAL hugs.

Dropping your arms is not hugging someone, that's allowing someone to hug you. I've done that to FWW because... well I just didn't want to look at her, let alone hug her.

Don't worry, though. That becomes easier as your build LB$ balances.

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