You should start each phrase with "I love it when ..." or "I'd love it if ..." You need to show her, in a positive and respectful way, how you like your EN met.

Telling her to give you a "meaningful" hug or an "actual" hug judges the way she has given you hugs. Instead, be specific, and tell her "I'd love it if, when you give me a hug, you wrap your arms around me and squeeze." Don't label it meaningful, or any other term. Just explain it.

Dropping your arms is not hugging someone, that's allowing someone to hug you.
That is subjective. This may be what dropping your arms means to you, but not necessarily what it means to someone else. When my dad hugs me, my arms drop, and I melt into his embrace like a little girl. And my dad feels "hugged." Very, very subjective.

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