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You have to avoid fights at all costs. You guys are fighting now and you have got to pull out of it. You are going to have to get rid of the disrespectful attitude.

Put away the nuclear weapons. All they are getting you is mutually assured destruction.

I'm not sure what I feel now, don't think it is love anymore at this point. I keep saying that I love my wife with all my heart but do I? I have feelings for her, I want to have sex with her. She is the mother of my kids but I don't know what I feel. I'm numb. She has many times said she is willing to move on. Maybe she is, I don't know, I thought she was just being spiteful. I want to feel and I'm trying so hard to feel anything, but most of all I feel that no matter how many days, weeks, months, or years I do the right thing that I'll never feel loved enough. Maybe I'm the cause of it all, in fact I feel by your feedback that I am. What changed and when? I mean we fought plenty over the years but for what? To get each our own way with things? I didn't say but I wanted to say that, "we both aren't really willing to do what we need to do to make each other happy because we really don't want to." I'm sick of doing things because I'm afraid. I don't want to stay with my wife simply because my parents or society or friends say you're supposed to remain married. At the same time how selfish am I or my wife for remaining married just because we think it is socially acceptable. She told me tonight that, "you deserve someone who treats you with affection and treats you with how you want to be treated because obviously I can't do that." What does that mean? I'll tell you it hurts something fierce. I've felt for a long time my wife doesn't love me, so much so I thought she was cheating on me. Do I want a great marriage? YES! Does she? I just don't know. I need to reset and make this right but I'm at a loss for how to do so. I want her to do so this time, is that wrong?

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