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I know she isn't enthusiastic about anything. I have the exact same feeling towards her. Specifically what can I call and ask or text my wife about what to expect tonight?

Goodness, no; that would sound sarcastic and disrespectful.

Do this instead: come up with two proposed activities. Make one something NEW that you think she would enjoy, and one something that you've done before that she knows she enjoys. Contact her and say "I'd like to spend some time with you tonight. I was thinking of either X or Y."

If she doesn't like one of those, come back with more suggestions.

If you don't have something picked by the time the kids are asleep, invite her to play Scrabble, and talk talk TALK. Without demands, disrespect, anger, or independent behavior, of course.


This is the kind of stuff I needed, specific suggestions I can follow through with. I'll do it. By the way, my heart is beating, pulse is racing, and I feel fear just by doing this. Prisca might think I'm a wuss, but I don't really care, the feeling is real. I'd rather be presenting a sales presentation in front of 20 strangers.

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