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Hill, I think your feelings are completely valid. I don't look down on you for being emotional. I am married to an emotional man, and I think emotional men make great husbands.

But waiting around for your wife to take the initiative is not about feelings. It's about doing nothing. And it's unattractive. Women like to be pursued. Women like to be won. It's just part of our nature. So follow some of these suggestions we've given you and WIN your wife.

Be that as it may, my waiting around comes from fear. Overcoming fear is a process, wouldn't you agree? Its not physical fear it is fear of rejection, DJs, SDs, AOs, and other LBs. My instincts tell me, "don't touch that you're get burned", and that is what motivates me more so than the idea of a happy marriage. On top of it, we fight and I don't even want to hang out with her. I'm sure she doesn't want to hang out with me either. I have to change this to have a great marriage and I'm trying. Tonight might be tough. I asked her if she wanted to hang out, haven't heard back. Tonight might be a bit early to do a romantic pursuit of my wife considering we had some pretty big fighting last night and this morning.

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