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Be that as it may, my waiting around comes from fear. Overcoming fear is a process, wouldn't you agree?

Doing something that will help, even though you don't feel like it (you feel fear) is an action, not a process.

Ever heard of the mideast "peace process"? Multiple decades, and still processing...

I asked her to play Wii Bowling with me tonight to make things a little easier on us. I think a fun activity would be appropriate to break the ice a bit.

Real bowling is a blast, too. FWW and I went last weekend after dinner. Bowling is usually cheap, too!

Agreed, it is a 2 on my RA list, just a 1 for her. We are going out today with the family, and tonight just us. I pulled out the workbook, reviewed her ENs, reviewed her LBs, then reviewed the RA list and wrote down six things that were 5-6's for us. She reviewed it, picked a couple she liked, we poja'd, and there you have it.

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