Sex, we enjoy that. smile We enjoy walking through museums, where you're expected to be relatively quiet. We talked about getting back into P90X, but he's having knee trouble and doesn't want to until he's taken care of that (his ACL is disintegrated and he keeps getting fluid on the back of his knee). He's put on a bit of weight since we stopped doing it, which is fine with me, I like big guys. I've been able to maintain my loss from it, but I'd like to tone up a bit more and enjoyed the program, especially motivating each other. I'm not very self-motivating when it comes to exercise. I much prefer to just sit and contemplate it. smile

He called and said he read what I sent and wanted to talk later. Hm...that hasn't worked out well in the past, but I'll give him his benefit of the doubt he's always wanting.

At least he knows that I know what he's doing, and I'm not buying it. Now I can just say GASLIGHTING instead of trying to tell him how infuriating it is and getting flustered at his circular denial game. I do think he wants to address his issues; he'd said it really bothered him when he read what people were saying on this thread, and he was bothered by his results on that PD test, and he's reading a book I had to read for school--by the Dalai Lama, about ethics. There's a lot of great stuff in it, I encouraged him to read it, and after the empathy discussion, he picked it up and took it to his "reading room," haha.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)