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Nobody on my @#!+ list ever wonders if they are on there, I tell them.

This boat thing is AWESOME. Lots of FC over the weekend, and a boating date night of UA. It really challenges us on working together when anchoring and docking, and we've sailed though those challenges (punny!). A funny communication gaffe: we were pulling anchor, he at the bow and I at the helm, and I was following his direction on pulling forward or back when he said, "Kill the power!" I immediately shut off the engine. He looked at me like I was crazy, said, "What the &^$# are you doing?" I said, "You told me to kill the power, so I shut it off." He said he *meant* to put it in neutral (where it was, btw). I said, "Well just say that then!" smile

Euphemisms. This may be a place to practice direct language.

Let the trend continue...


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