Hill .. I know how ya feel bud.. i had a similar holiday with the family and some friends over the last few weeks. I quickly discovered how much UA time I was missing out on becasue our children and friends were around us (camping) the entire time! As a joke i tried rocking our camper back and forth to see if my DD or DS would notice .... sure enough (as my wife and I giggled) i get the "whos rocking the camper!" then soon as I get back from holidays .. BAM my wifes period hits. So i get to put off on my need for SF until a later date! Holidays with friends makes UA time very hard to accomplish.

So in the mean time .. i just hold the fort .. keep doing my life long Plan A and smile and not pressure my wife. She knows my needs are going unmet and has actually appologized for our lack of UA and said she will make it up to me soon. smile

But as for the vets comment. My wife and I have to occasionally remind each other of the MB stuff to keep it fresh ... We will be rereading our books again once all my family that i loaned them out to return them back to us.

Just keep finding ways to meet the 4 intimate needs on a regular basis ... and grabbing as much UA time as you can in between meeting her needs for FC, DS, FS and whatever else is on her list.

Keep being the MB beacon in your family! SHe will shine through eventually again as things get back on track after you recover from the holidays you just came back from.