Hmm...I do not have enough knowledge about those worldviews to assess whether or not my DH's beliefs fall within them. Having a cursory understanding of them, I would lean towards "yes" for moral relativism. (I'll ask him about it...)

Here is his primary belief: a person's number one goal in life is to be happy. Whatever you feel makes you happy (granted it is not so obviously morally bankrupt) is what you should be doing. If I really thought that I should leave him to be with another man who could make me happier than he could for the rest of my life, he would agree that I should leave him.

Of course, he does not think there is another man who could make me happy...and he expects for me to be a rational enough being to always come to this conclusion when I think things thru.

He doesn't care if I have EA (since he doesn't even accept that as real). He said that I should keep my thoughts and fantasies to myself. That's why we don't think out loud because it is only for us to know (he says).

I'm exhausted now. We didn't have a good weekend. I was going to talk to him about separating...but he decided to participate in a family activity without his usual attempt to avoid it. I considered that he was making an effort so I could do the same.

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