Okay, I am getting a little confused...and would prefer not to talk about the friend. I was on a different path before Wednesday (before the text) and I want to return to that path.

If anyone could help me with a couple questions so I can move on:

1. This text was very random and out of the ordinary. Do you feel that blocking his number is sufficient?

2. Do you think I should send a NC letter to the friend? (DH has told me not to do so. Do I need to PoJA the NC letter or no?)

3. If DH is not going to stop being friends with him, is it impossible for me to meet the MB principles?

4. The friend has a GF now that I like very much. Should I involve her?

I think when I started back here a couple weeks ago, I was not (very) "foggy"...and I am talking about him (friend) too much now. I want to fous on my DH...NOT relapse. Okay...thank you for your thoughts.

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EA: 04/18/09 til
DDay: 06/30/10
NC letter: 09/13/11 (against DH's will)
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