Psalm 51:6
6: Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being, and you teach me wisdom in the secret heart.

King David wrote this chapter of Psalm after his affair with Bathsheba. David tells us truth and wisdom go far to make a man a good man. It takes a clear mind and willing heart to follow the truth and the wisdom God establishes. David knew the truth of what he was doing when he had his affair and also placed Bathsheba�s husband in a position during war that caused Uriah�s death. However David had not allowed God�s wisdom into his heart to see the wrong in his actions. It took a wise friend to point out David�s failure. God was not the originator of David�s sin. It was David who committed the sin and it was David who knew he needed to repent of his actions. And while the consequences were set, God reconciled Himself to David out of grace and mercy.

Dr. Perry Buffington, a licensed psychologist and author, says this in his book, Playing Charades: [Universal Press Syndicate, September 26, 1999) - Research psychologists have found there are at least three situations when we are not ourselves. First, the average person puts on airs when he visits the lobby of a fancy hotel. Next the average person stifles emotions to bamboozle the salesman when entering the new-car showroom. And finally, the average person tries to fake out the Almighty about being good all week.�

Most of us are probably good most of the time, but not all the time. If we started to keep a journal of every time we felt like sin entered our life we would probably surprise ourselves. And if we let someone close to us who is Godly keep a journal about us I am sure we would be even more surprised at what they would tell us. God wants us to open up our hearts to Him so that we can let in His truth and wisdom. Unless we maintain a close relationship with God we might miss those opportunities to make a course correction in our life that would keep us from the consequences we might suffer.