I know, right? Now I have to wait for a phone call (again, on my cell, which is NOT unlimited calling) on monday, while I'm in class, to verify that I am the original account holder and that I do want my number ported back, and the whole thing is so utterly ridiculous to me, I was in a conference call with BOTH companies and they can't seem to get me restored without a whole lot of trouble and time. It's BS.

I'm fluctuating between anger and depression, and my H said, "Over a PHONE?" I was all, if it didn't mean anything to YOU, you shoulda left it alone!!! Lo and behold, his cell phone is acting up, he called me from the cell phone store and asked how I felt about him upgrading and entering into a new contract. I said, well, since you want to save money on phones, why don't you just cancel it? Maybe I should switch you to a new provider where you have no service? What would you like? He came home with his old phone. I did tell him I was in no state of mind to make an agreement to upgrade his phone.

So. Frustrated.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)