I want to be a success story. I want to be able to truthfully advise newbies that it can be done. ...that you can take someone as tough as fullmoon, 180, resonance, saddestwife...I can't remember who else...and they can be completely defogged and better than ever.
heartfelt, I think you ARE a success story! I can sense your remorse and desire for a great marriage from here!

You know, you can't 'make' your H get on board with Marriage Builders, but you CAN show him the affects of following the program.

I think it's very selfish that he refuses to give up the OM/walking time bomb as a friend. That doesn't mean that YOU need to be around him. Will your H respect your need for him to keep OM away from you? Will he meet OM away from you and the house?

Concentrate on your personal healing, heartfelt. It's always so encouraging to me to read the posts of former waywards.

Sadly, not all WW's come back. I know that at least one of the other posters you mentioned is still extremely wayward and foggy. She refused to follow the MB program and bailed after hearing advice she didn't like. It's pretty sad, really. I think life is too short to live in misery. So stay here and work MB - I want you to continue to be a success story. I want other posters in your same sitch to read your thread and know there's hope.

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Fully Recovered and Better Than Ever!
Thank you Marriage Builders!