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I'm still learning how to use this and get the box on top. I don't think my son is being arrogant or superior.... He wants the truth. IMO he is showing me his manhood and demanding his Dad honestly clarify what he chose to do and what disturbed our family so much. I just want to give him what he wants without being disrespectful to my wife and giving him "mental pictures" that are difficult to deal with on top of what I've cause him to endure already.

With all due respect, you are the last person qualified to discern what is in the best interest of your son and your wife. Since they both were victims of your affair, I would suggest giving him what he wants. He won't have troubling "mental pictures" as a result. Like you said, he just wants to understand what happened to his family. His life will be forever changed by your affair, so there is no reason he shouldn't have this information too.

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