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In the mean time I have a question for you all. How do you deal with untrue accusations, even if they are not all that important? Wife sent me a text in the afternoon and said I had left the A/C on. I said, it must have been from the night before because I didn't turn the A/C on when I came home for lunch. She said that she had turned it off when she left in the morning. My inclination as a very literal person is to get the story straight. In the past I probably would have insisted on truth no matter how trivial and inflamed my wife more than likely. I ignored it because in the end what possible good could come from me pursuing truth on something as silly as that? Have any of you encountered this regularly? Does it bother you?

YES and YES. Not exactly the same but definitely similar.

I hope this is the kind of behavior that will be more likely simply not to become an issue if the other spouse gets on board--they will be hopefully actively trying to NOT love bust then. BUT I am still trying to sort out what is a reasonable complaint and what should be avoided for the sake of trying not to love bust. I certainly want my spouse to have right to make a complaint b/c I know its important. But how often does this need to be? Should uncertain things be brought up? And surely they should believe you if you say something? Like when you said that had not turned on the AC or a conversion along those lines that occured btwn my DH and me today.