That or, "you may be right."

You are not saying they are, you are not saying they aren't. You are simply saying something to let it go.

How to DEAL with it internally is another matter. At some point, you have to be honest about how this little love buster impacts you.

The question is, do you believe she cares? (Not a DJ, I'm asking your opinion, your belief, we both know she could feel differently than you think/believe she does.) Is the cost of being honest worth the benefit you might get out of it. I.E. do you prefer being right, or married?

Yeah, you want both, but sometimes you can't have that.
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Tomorrow I might be able to listen. In the mean time I have a question for you all. How do you deal with untrue accusations, even if they are not all that important? Wife sent me a text in the afternoon and said I had left the A/C on. I said, it must have been from the night before because I didn't turn the A/C on when I came home for lunch. She said that she had turned it off when she left in the morning. My inclination as a very literal person is to get the story straight. In the past I probably would have insisted on truth no matter how trivial and inflamed my wife more than likely. I ignored it because in the end what possible good could come from me pursuing truth on something as silly as that? Have any of you encountered this regularly? Does it bother you?

I started saying, "Thanks! I didn't know that."

It's truthful, it's kind, and it lets the other person feel heard.