Proverbs 18:24 (NLT))
24 There are �friends� who destroy each other, but a real friend sticks closer than a brother.

A friend must be a friend to one another. To have friends and keep them, we must not quarrel with them, but instead love them and make it obvious that we do so by all expressions that are endearing by being open with them. We are also to be pleasing to them, visiting them and welcoming them; and especially by doing all the good services within our power -- that is showing ourselves as a friend. If you wish to gain the affection of a friend you must also be ready to bestow affection for that friend. We can find a great deal of comfort in a friend. In our troubles we desire comfort and relief from our family; but sometimes there is a friend whose love proves stronger than those of the natural family and when it comes to trial will do more for us than a brother will.

Comedian Steve Harvey is all about getting a laugh, whether as one of the cracking-wise "Kings of Comedy" or as the newest host of long-running game show "Family Feud."

But Harvey showed a more emotional side on his daytime television show this week, thanks to an unexpected call. Harvey, who turned 56 on January 17, took a call via satellite during the show's taping as part of his birthday special. What transpired next sent both Harvey and his audience to tears.

A man appears and wishes him a happy birthday, causing Harvey to whisper "Aw, man," before pacing the stage. "This is Rich Liss from Orlando, Florida," the man said. "Do you still love me, baby?"

Harvey bends over, choking back sobs for a few moments. "Hey, man," he said, still trying to pull himself together. "I love you."

It turns out Liss and his wife, Becky, were early supporters of Harvey, first when he was a 26-year-old running a fledgling carpet cleaning business, and later when he was trying to break into comedy.

"I was struggling," Harvey said, wiping tears away. "I didn't have nothing. And these people... took me in." [The Huffington Post, By Anthonia Akitunde, Posted: 01/19/2013]

I watched the video with my wife and it was obvious by Steve�s tears these were genuine friends. My wife said, �You know, Steve may have lost track of Rich and Becky, but I�m sure Rich and Becky saw Steve Harvey on TV and could have easily sought him out.� Then she added, �Others would have might have sought Steve out for his fame and fortune, but not these people. This family gave out of their hearts expecting nothing but to see Steve succeed in life.�

Remember the importance of friendship as you are friends to others. Keep this thought also, Jesus is a friend who loved us deeply and who gave freely of His life that we would also succeed in our lives.