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I would strongly encourage you counsel with the Harleys now and through the early parts of your marriage, since you are coming from a long renter relationship that involves lots of bad habits ... It is great you are getting married, but just to make sure you can beat the bad habits that were built you may want some extra accountability.

I appreciate the advice. If we counsel with anyone it will be the Harley's but I don't feel like we need that at this point.

We've most of the Harley books and several others discussed here. We are both buyers now, we follow POJA, PORH and while we've had some bumps in our road we're really solid right now. We have been legally married for most of the last 3 years, once Amendment One passed in NC and then our move to Ohio we are not at this point, but our lives are still combined (finances, accounts, cars in both name, shared health insurance, etc...).

We are rereading the Love Busters and the new book from the Passionate Marriage author (it's so much better written!).

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