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"The real commitment of marriage is not a commitment to stay regardless of how you are treated. It's a commitment to care for each other regardless of the circumstances you find yourselves in."

This is where some people falter. Some people fail to grasp that MB does not advocate remaining in an abusive, unsafe, chronically uncaring marriage.
"For better, or for worse" does not give license to be ugly and mean to each other.

Originally Posted by Dr Harley in BRF
"Marriage means that each spouse is commited to make a GREATER effort to care for each other than they were making BEFORE marriage, a GREATER effort to meet each other's intimate needs."

There is an "Ah-ha!" moment when a MB follower has the dawn of realization that meeting the needs of their spouse is very rewarding. It is a challenge, yes. But, it's a fun & creative dance2 challenge. MB asks us to open up our imaginations and "brainstorm" solutions. This is why lazy people do not do well with MB concepts. They *feel* that if a marriage requires WORK, then "We must not be soul-mates after all." banghead