I have no one on the inside helping. I suggested she see pastoral services and she said it offended her because I'm acting like she is the one who needs changing and not myself.

Bad news though well she expressed her increasingly opposite emotions after telling me we will make it. She became more distant and stopped with good mornings and I love yous. She finally admitted she felt uncomfortable because my affection was making her feel bad, because she can't return it. She regrets getting married as soon as we did and needs to do some growing up and thinking to determine if she can do this (marriage altogether). As she states she is happy now, not having to "answer to me" anymore.

Yesterday she made it clear she needs me to leave her alone bc I'm just pushing this affection and support onto her when she doesn't want it. I said I can do that, I can be quiet for now but I'm here waiting and ready to be there for you. Said my goodbye for now and she said goodbye.

I'm sure she is out drinking right now