I've asserted my boundaries before she left and she agreed, she left and one month into her deployment she went back on her promises, this is where I blew up and used every love buster imaginable to express my disappointment and hurt by her actions.

All she did was insist over and over again that "the situation was different"than how I viewed it and that it was" an unfair position" she was put in.

For a while she supposedly didnt give them her number, but they knew where she lived obviously because they picked her up to do things, and they would randomly come over. I expressed how I thought that was inappropriate and this is what she said "ok you didn't want me to give them my number so how else do you think they're gonna contact me? Pick a struggle, texting me or walking over"

I still expressed my concern both was wrong. She is not willing to compromise for what she is "entitled" to do.

POJA would be amazing if she would be willing to agree on anything relationship wise. Right now it's literally her way or the highway.

My ultimate goal is to be stationed with her after I graduate basic training in a few months.

I know the affair will continue, I know there's no stopping her until I get there, it's ripping me apart because i have to watch it all crumble with a fake smile, and hope in the future we can rebuild.

So basically, right now she does as she pleases while she knows it hurts me. I have no way to get there for maybe...4-5 months.

I'm wondering if waywards ever go "find themselves" aka whoring around, and then once they feel the party is over and it's out of their system, come back "home" and work on what's real?

It will be a long painful process and I've already assumed the worst scenarios in my head. From me getting divorce papers in basic training, to living with her and walking in on them. To her emotionally detached and texting him all day while I'm with her. I've played it all out but as of right now im willing to fight for the right thing to do which is plan for my future and to fix our marriage in that future

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