Hi Greenmomma!

Going to the gym, meetups and meeting people is fantastic! I don't think you're leading anyone on by being friendly. In fact, it's good to get to know lots of types of guys. If they're interested, they'll have to make it known. You can politely decline if they ask you out and you don't want to go wink

Listening to yourself is probably the most important thing as a dating woman. Only do what you're comfortable doing.

The only advice I have for now is, don't tell a guy you're "not ready to date," just because you aren't interested in him. He'll wait around forever for you to "get ready." Just be honest and say, "I just don't feel that type of connection with you." Done.

Let the adventures begin! laugh

"When you love someone, all your saved up wishes start coming out."
Elizabeth Bowen

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